We offering media partnership opportunity for you who have an amazing event. By setting up a media partnership can add credibility to your efforts, by way of a ‘third party endorsement’. Media partnerships are also a good solution for organizations with a low campaign budget. For example, a publication within a media partnership contract is more likely to publish your news and articles and you can benefit from our readership.

  • Event Article reporting by HartLogic
  • Event Video reporting by HartLogic
  • Exclusive Interview by HartLogic
  • Exposition of HartLogic promotion materials of during conferences/fares.
  • Include HartLogic logo in your promotional and websites.
  • Member of your organization must register to people.hartlogic.com/account
  • Free ticket for HartLogic readers (optional)
  • All free return priviledge
  • Access to all areas of your events (min.2 ID Card)
  • Exclusivity of content materials (surveys, research, pictures, videos)
  • Exclusive interview with a leader of your organization.

Our media may get many offers of partnership. Therefore it is important to have a good proposal for your event so that your offer would be worthwhile. Put more emphasis on what’s important may get out of it and what would be the added value of this partnership.

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